Chinese Hibiscus – Athos Menaboni


This lithograph entitled Chinese Hibiscus was printed in 1945 by Foote & Davies, a company in Atlanta, Georgia. At that time, the painting was owned by Athos Menaboni. A proposal was made to produce a series of flowers and this one was marked “No 1.” However, for an unknown reason, the project was cancelled and only Chinese Hibiscus was produced. None were sold and the only way to obtain one was directly from the artist (Menaboni enjoyed giving these to family, friends, and clients who appreciated them). Menaboni left his estate to Callaway Gardens (in Pine Mountain, Georgia) and they received several hundred copies. At first, the Gardens sold the lithographs in their gift shops. Later many of them were framed and used to decorate the guests’ rooms in the hotel there.

Creating this lithograph ( 20 x 25.25 inches) was very different from normal printing. To produce it, the paper went through the printer each time a new color was added. Thus great care was taken to make sure the paper was meticulously in line (there may be a small mark on the paper because of this process) or the work could have been destroyed. Today printing is much cheaper due to computers using only a series of dots to make various colors in a matter of seconds. Although not an original, a lithograph is considered a work of art.

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